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Global Synergix is a Global Procurement and Business Development Services company with over 17 years of experience. Our focus is primarily on India and SE Asian countries. Whether it is Supplier Identification and Management of Suppliers in India to deliver an Efficient Supply Chain or to Increase accelerate our Indian Clients Global Competitive Position by establishing relationships with N.American customers, Global Synergix is your one stop shop!

We identify ourselves with Henry Ford's principles and believe in his quote '




-Henry Ford


Improving Your Global Competitiveness

We aim at accelerating our clients' global competitive position by establishing relationships with key US customers.

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How We Work

Our sourcing services just do not end with the right selection of suppliers, we establish the best deal structure for our customer.


Right Product


Right Price


Timely Delivery


Happy Customers
What We Believe

We are guided by integrity, honesty, and provide commitment to
adding value to our customers.

What We We Do

We provide sustainable value (to our customers) in the procurement of value-added assemblies, precision parts, and other products from India.


We follow rigorous and well-defined processes. We make sure that the quality of the components and products are always consistent.


We work out of our headquarters in Atlanta US, we also have offices in Bengaluru India, and Sao Paulo Brazil

Our People

Our team consists of experienced global
sourcing experts, highly skilled
professionals, and experienced engineers.


We source a range of product categories. It spans from assembles, components, materials, to engineered products.

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Global Synergix is a procurement company which has over 17 years’ experience in sourcing services, large-scale purchasing as well as manufacturing and engineering expertise. We support our global clients by delivering scalable end-to-end procurement and customized sourcing services.